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                Good News: SHENZHUANG GROUP won 12 China Building Engineering Decoration Awards with Honor
                  Source:云嫋 Data:2020-08-25

                Recently, the results of the 2019 "China Building Engineering Decoration Awards" have been announced. With strong strength, SHENZHUANG GROUP has won twelve "China Building Engineering Decoration Awards", including nine China Building Engineering Decoration Awards in public building decoration: St. Regis in Zhuhai Cross Gate Central Business District, Jingmen Municipal Public Security Bureau Business and Technology Rooms and Ancillary Facilities Engineering, Lenovo Wuhan R&D Base, Datong Wanda Plaza Pedestrian Street, Dongguan International Trade City Public Areas outside Guanyi Story, Dongguan International Trade City Public Areas inside Guanyi Story, Huawei South Factory Phase II (E2B Area) Project, Huawei South Factory Phase II (E2B Area) Office Building, and Urumqi Rail Transit Line 1; two China Building Engineering Decoration Awards in curtain walls: Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Hotel Group Project Yacht Club Curtain Wall Engineering and Jingmen Municipal Public Security Bureau Business and Technology Rooms and Ancillary Facilities Engineering; and one China Building Engineering Decoration Award in decoration design: St. Regis in Zhuhai Cross Gate Central Business District.

                China Building Engineering Decoration Awards is the highest honor in China's building decoration industry. The awards won this time marks that from the design creativity to the construction technology of SHENZHUANG GROUP's projects have reached the highest national level, being in the forefront of peers.


                St. Regis in Zhuhai Cross Gate Central Business District

                As a landmark construction project in Zhuhai City, the project won two awards in public building decoration and design. Inspired by building a "classic and modern European style residence", the project adopted a large number of diamond patterns and gem elements which are representative of St. Regis, creating an elegant, noble and unique atmosphere. In line with the concept of creating quality products in the process, the project department has made great efforts in the aspects of construction technology, material supply, quality management, etc., pursuing working on every point, line, and surface with great care, and has been highly appraised by the owner.


                Jingmen Municipal Public Security Bureau Business and Technology Rooms and Ancillary Facilities Engineering

                The engineering is the interior decoration engineering of Jingmen public security business and technology rooms and ancillary facilities. Upon overall planning, the terminal equipment of the ceilings is well arranged and beautiful. The terminal equipment, lamps and maintenance ports of the ceilings are finely closed up and tightly connected with the panels. Most of the materials used in the engineering are green and environmental protection materials. After the completion of decoration, the overall effect is concise and atmospheric. The quality of each part of the engineering is excellent, and the engineering safety, functional inspection and appearance quality meet the requirements of high standards.


                Fine Decoration Subcontract Engineering of Lenovo Wuhan R & D Base Project

                As the engineering is conducted on a large-scale Gemini office building in this area, the project department optimized the schemes for every construction interface and closing-up process to ensure the accuracy of material size in line with the requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection, high-end and elegancy, simplicity and fashion. After the completion of the engineering, the internal and external corners are perfectly horizontal and vertical, with excellent construction quality and good appearance, which is highly praised by the owner.


                Fine Decoration Engineering of Datong Wanda Plaza Pedestrian Street

                The plaza is constructed with the arcs as the element, which increases the decoration construction difficulty. The project department strived to improve both the quality of construction technology and the overall effect. In the construction process, the process alignment stitching and continuous seam of ceilings, wall surfaces and ground were strictly controlled, so the alignment and joints of the whole project are precise and flat with accurate work.


                Independent Contract Engineering of Fine Decoration in Public Areas of Dongguan International Trade City (outside Guanyi Story)

                The ground in the public areas of the engineering is paved with artificial stone in irregular patchwork, with rich modeling and irregular shapes of arc mosaics. During the construction process, the project department has achieved smooth lines of arc mosaics, flat splicing, precise cutting of artificial stone and accurate and beautiful stitching.


                Independent Contract Engineering of Fine Decoration in Public Areas of Dongguan International Trade City (inside Guanyi Story)

                To reflect the historical features of Dongguan, this engineering adopted the archaize method as the main method needing various materials and complex technology. According to the characteristics of different walls and different materials, the technicians adjusted the measurement size appropriately, used the template production to accurately grasp the size, and made the antique style perfectly present, which is widely praised by the owner and the society.


                Fine Decoration Subcontract Engineering of Huawei South Factory Phase II (E2B Area) Project

                The engineering is a VIP reception function project of Huawei. The overall design is elegant and dignified, the construction technology is accurate, and the details are in place and reasonable. The use of beige stone, pure copper metal and wood veneer makes the whole project feel decorous and full of quality. The project department actively applied new technologies, as well as energy-saving and environmental protection materials in the construction, realized the innovative and green decoration, and won the unanimous praise of experts in the excellence evaluation.


                Fine Decoration Subcontract Engineering of Huawei South Factory Phase II (E2B Area) Office Building

                Located in E2B Area, Block E, Huawei South Factory Phase II, Songshanhu Science and Technology Industrial Park, Dongguan City, the engineering targets the office building of Huawei in Dongguan. The project department carried out self-inspections and special inspections on the engineering quality, and formed a three-level self-inspection quality control system within the construction, so that there are measures for construction, disclosure for technology, review for positioning, test reports for materials, and records for concealed works, which are highly praised by the owner.


                Decoration Engineering for Public Areas of Stations of Urumqi Rail Transit Line 1 Project

                The engineering is located in Beijing South Road, Urumqi, and belongs to the subway project of the first line in Urumqi. After the completion of the construction, the materials and colors of the equipment doors of all concealed equipment on the walls and columns are consistent with the wall materials and colors, which are neat and uniform, with good concealment and bright surface. The perfectly horizontal and vertical walls become a beautiful scenery line of the subway platforms.


                Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Hotel Group Project Yacht Club Curtain Wall Engineering

                The project department made great efforts in the construction technology, material supply, quality management and other aspects of the engineering, and pursued the meticulous work of each point, line and surface. The decorative surface plate seam is perfectly horizontal and vertical, the seam width is uniform, and the color is unified. The appearance of the overall decorative surface is good and the details are handled appropriately, which reflects the SHENZHUANG people's working attitude of pursuing perfection and excellence, and is highly appreciated by the owner.


                Curtain Wall Engineering of Business and Technology Rooms and Ancillary Facilities of Jingmen Municipal Public Security Bureau

                The exterior wall stone area of the engineering is large, so it is difficult to control the color. The project department strictly controlled the quality and color of the stone from the large stone material, processing base, delivery inspection to the construction process to ensure the final appearance effect.



                Over the years, SHENZHUANG GROUP has adhered to the concept of "creating high-quality products with ingenuity and building the brand with quality" and has consistently improved the quality of engineering. With more than 300 projects having successively won national awards, SHENZHUANG GROUP won high trust from owners and customers, and is highly appreciated by the society and the industry.


                In the future, SHENZHUANG GROUP will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, create high-quality projects, consolidate an evergreen foundation, and create more scientific, intelligent and environmentally-friendly quality engineering projects for the society, worthy of the development and progress of China's building decoration industry in the new era.

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